Green Salad w/ Pasta

* romaine greens
* spinach greens
* spring mix greens
* broccoli-slaw
* shredded carrots
* radishes
* celery
* red onion
* grape tomatoes
* olives (preferably sulfite-free)
* avocado
* pepperoncini (in jar)
* Ronzoni (high fiber) smart pasta (available @ Walmart)

* rice vinegar (unseasoned, w/ no added sugar)
* garlic powder
* paprika
* lemon pepper (contains salt)
* nutritional yeast (similar taste to parmesan cheese)


  • In bowl chop all three types of lettuce
  • Add broccoli-slaw, shredded carrots, chopped radishes, chopped celery, chopped red onion
  • Boil high fiber pasta for 10 min, then drain (under cold water)
  • In second bowl TOSS TOGETHER pasta, chopped grape tomatoes, chopped olives, cubed avocado, chopped pepperoncini, splash of pepperoncini juice, splashes of rice vinegar, garlic powder, paprika, lemon pepper, nutritional yeast until tossed results are moist & seasoned to taste
  • Combine first & second bowl (no need to add dressing) & toss

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