The Great Facon Cook-Off!

This morning I made three varieties of facon (fake bacon):


Up top is fresh young coconut!
On left is shredded coconut!
On right is Soy Curls (dehydrated whole soybeans)!

For each just marinate in concoction of TAMARI, LIQUID SMOKE, PURE MAPLE SYRUP.

Then drain & bake at 400 degrees (turning often) until crispy. I actually pan fried the marinated Soy Curls.

They all had a unique texture & tasted great! Dryest leftovers store well in sealed refrigerator container several days

Results: I preferred Soy Curls, but family winner is shredded coconut!

Any of these varieties taste great along side vegan pancakes, in sandwiches, on vegan pizza, crumbled on oatmeal, in green salad, potato salad, pasta salad… even crumbled on dessert. Give it a try!

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