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This feels so right to me! I know there’s science behind it, but what I really care about is that it just feels right. (Scroll down & see the EXERCISE MODERATION TED TALK.) I get the same experience jogging in my socks on my mini-trampoline. I love it!

Exercise Moderation 

Some interesting info about sustained (long term) high endurance exercise. Negative coronary results were obtained from young rodents on a short-term (two weeks) demanding exercise regimen. They were able to bounce back and reverse ill effects on their heart. Future research is needed to measure reversibility effect on older long-term endurance athletes. Until then all things in moderation

Intro to Mini Trampoline Workout

Rebound Exercise has been known to:
• Strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments,
• Help bones become mineralized, dense and strong,
• Help develop balance and coordination,
• Maintain Homeostasis,
• Improve the flow of blood through the small blood vessels of the bones,
• Increase the heart’s pumping power,
• Increase lymphatic system circulation,
• Improve efficiency of the immune system.
• It helps you look better and feel better.
• It gives you a sense of control of your overall health.