Watch “Dr. Doug Lisle, PhD: The Cram Circuit – the story of binge eating and overeating.” on YouTube

Forces of our biology that were engineered to guarantee that we do not starve to death in an environment of scarcity:

We must overcome these forces in order to achieve & maintain healthy lifestyle goals, which sometimes could be as simple as distracting ourselves at the end of our last regular meal to keep from indulging in the activities that our biology is encouraging for what was traditionally perceived to be our survival in scarcity. This talk is the first step in overcoming:

Watch “[NON-GRAPHIC] The Dairy Industry – A Lifetime in 60 Seconds” on YouTube

I once believed eating dairy was morally acceptable because nobody died for my pleasure. Well, nearly all dairy cows are eventually killed for their flesh, but what they & their babies endure first is often worse than death. (Non-graphic videos.)