Vegan Tamales

Notice how I use avocado in place of lard or oil (see recipe below).

Here we are assembling my bro’s tamales… delicious fancy stuffing!

Here’s my own simple vegan oilfree recipe!



– masa flour
– red enchilada sauce
– saltfree veggie broth
– avocado

– tomato
– squash
– potato
– onions
– garlic
– saltfree veggie broth
– tomato-based salsa
– cooked pinto beans
– cooked brown rice


Soak dry corn husks in water to soften them. We will use them to encase the tamales while steaming them. (If husks are unavailable try using parchment baking paper.)

FILLING: (set these aside after preparation)
* Saute onions, garlic, tomato, squash (I used yellow & green), corn, cubed potato (may need to pre-bake potatoes a bit) in the following liquid – veggie broth, tomato salsa & a bit of water.
* Cooked/canned pinto or black beans (no added oil)
* Brown rice (I add some salsa while cooking)

Combine corn flour (masa harina, it’s basically corn flour treated with lime), enchilada sauce (I just use canned version, red or green), saltfree veggie broth, fresh avocado & water (as needed) to form a soft peanutbutter-like consistency.

Now spread this buttery dough on husks with the back of a spoon, place small amount of filling on top, then wrap like a burrito. (Check out this youtube masa spreading video demo that I found online.)

And here’s zippity-quick video showing us how to fold tamales in their corn husks. (Very similar to my method, but instead of using string I simply fold the top down.)

Now steam over water, not *in* water (on stove top pot w/ steam basket, or double boiler, or pressure cooker) for aproximately 2 hours. (In pressure cooker I set to “steam”, close the vent & go for approximately 1.5 hrs)

And don’t forget to remove husks when you eat them!

If all fails… book a flight to Mexico!

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