Quick Meals!


Hi guys! Honestly, I’m too busy at work to notice if anyone is listening out in blogger-land, but I’ll just keep yappin’ away!


Very hectic time of the year for me. I’ve decided to postpone celebrating my first year on Project Waistline until after things calm down, early this summer. I’m going to have some medical tests done in order to compare the before & after numbers (LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc.)

With all this rush-rush scuttling about I often grab something quick to eat after work. It’s always healthier & less costly if I cook, but not much time for that right now!

El Pollo Loco is my favorite fast food option. I order two customized BRC (beans, rice, cheese) burritos, requesting:

* no tortilla (serve it in a bowl)

* black beans (pintos have added fat)

* replace cheese with raw cabbage

* at salsa bar I add onions, cilantro, red & green salsa


Unfortunately the rice is processed white, and the food is a bit salty. This costs about $4. (I don’t know where else you can get take-out lunch for under $5 these days.) It’s a lot of hassle for the staff to do it “my way”, so I like to ring their gratitude bell on my way out the door:


Other times I bring home Mongolian bbq restaurant food, loaded with great veggies, served with (white) rice instead of noodles because their noodles are made with eggs. I have to say “cook with NO OIL,  plez… and package rice on the side”.

Cost is about $9. I usually save side of rice for later, and serve veggies over my own egg-free high fiber wheat noodles at home:


Trader Joe’s has a delicious vegan eggplant wrap. It comes with a fatty oil-based dip which I try to avoid (often unsuccessfully). It’s served in a low fat wheat wrap. (During the week I avoid processed carbs like bread, so that’s a drawback.) It costs $4.++ because I usually buy extra sides (chopped raw veggies, edamame, etc) & stuff them inside:


The local Japanese restaurant makes me a delicious vegan sushi roll sometimes. It has (white) rice, cucumber, celery, carrots, high fat avocado, wrapped in Nori seaweed. This costs somewhere between $8.-$10.


I enjoy Chipotle’s veggie bowl. I never add their processed vegan “meat”, too fatty. But I usually indulge in their lovely high fat avocado. This is pricey at about $9. if I add avocado… but hey, the rice is brown! 🙂


Okay, so those are my reasonably healthy “uh-oh, I’m starving & have no time to cook!” options.

For a change I’ve decided to try some frozen entrées from PlantPure Nation. I just ordered the 20 meal pack @ $6.89 each:


Here’s a description.


Here’s where to order:


Scroll down the page, read the details, watch the brief videos. This is a program designed by a team of lifestyle professionals, including T. Colin Campbell, the author of The China Study – a twenty year collaborative research partnership including Cornell, Oxford & the Chinese Academy of Preventative Medicine. There’s nothing “crack pot” about it. This is the decades long culmination of hard science, not the soft & fuzzy kind. 🙂

If you order the JumpStart package you get the same 20 meals + an electric warming tray for frozen meals, & lots of literature (books, cookbooks, videos, online communication). I just went with the food.

They’re pretty hefty, so here’s my plan:

* Oatmeal & fruit w/ Martian milk (that’s almond milk blended with green leafy veggies) for breakfast
* PlantPure frozen entrée w/ side salad/veggies for lunch
* Snack of fruit/veggies
* Repeat entrée & salad/veggies for supper

On heavy workout days I’ll probably increase portions. Kickboxing can really rev-up the old appetite. Try it & see! 🙂

Hasta luego, baby…

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