Day 310 Low-SOS Vegan Plan


# face exercise
# Lift lunch sisters
# walk / standing desk 4.5 hrs

WATER: (goal: > 75)
(3) × (25.4) = 76.2 oz

* banana, grapes, apple
* salad (spinach, kale, green cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, chicory, sauerkraut, sunflower XL-seeds) w/ homemade dressing (A-1 sauce, rice vinegar, tamari)
* very veggie pasta sauce over high fiber noodles, top w/ cabbage, nutritional yeast, sauerkraut
* tangerine
* mini fudge brownie smoothie (baby spinach, banana, a variety of berries, almond milk, ground flax seed, carob powder, oatmeal)
* few XL-nuts (walnuts, almonds) cracked from shells to slow me down 
* blueberry tea (frozen blueberries steeped in hot water, lemon, piece of XL-sweet peppermint stick)

Cmmt: XL indicates uncommon extravagantly luscious food

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