Day 132 Low-SOS Vegan Plan


# walked 30 min

WATER: (goal: > 75)
(3) × (25.4) =  76.2 oz

* hash (potatoes, red pepper, onion, white beans, salsa) w/ corn tortillas
* 50/50 XL-avocado/split green pea guacamole & sliced tomatoes served on bed of greens
* blueberries, strawberries, grapes, banana
* Lucille’s BBQ Tri Tip Salad – minus the meat! (bed of mixed field greens, cherry tomatoes, sweet red onions, cucumbers, sweet peppers, and XL-avocado. Served with our tomato vinaigrette dressing w/ XL-oil) w/ artisan bread

Cmmt: XL indicates uncommon extravagantly luscious foods

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