Intro to Kitchen Starters

Plantpure Nation has a new product – PlantPure Kitchen Starters. Think of these ready-to-cook packets as a much healthier WFPB (whole food plant based) version of the old “Hamburger Helper®”. They are a step-by-step line of uncooked entrées, especially nice if you enjoy cooking at home but are new to this lifestyle and need some extra help in the kitchen. PlantPure nation says many of the Kitchen Starters contain the legumes, seasonings, thickeners, and flavorings. Your job is to cook the starch, add a few veggies, and sometimes include a few wet ingredients. Each packet is good for preparation of a 4 pound serving. We’ll be whipping them up and reviewing the results over the next few weeks.

Okay… so put your aprons & let’s dig-in!